Fact check: Has JIH put beds for Covid patients in Ishat-e-Islam mosque?

Fact check: Has JIH put beds for Covid patients in Ishat-e-Islam mosque?

A photo has been doing the rounds in the virtual world in which a resident, who has added Adv (advocate) in front of his name, posting a message with a two photos.

“Thanks Jamaat-e-Islami (Hind) for starting isolation ward for Covid patients in its mosque in thokar number 3,” he wrote sharing two photos in which people are seen putting blue beds on the floor in the mosque.

Surprisingly, many people have been sharing this information with the photos on the Facebook and even WhatsApping it, said a resident, adding that it has literally gone viral in Jamia Nagar.

The OT received several calls from its readers to find the fact.

CAPTION: The photo as claimed by this netizen of JIH mosque in Abul Fazal Enclave is false. This mosque is in Pune. The news is FAKE.

To get to the depth of the story, the OT contacted a person in JIH to find out whether the development has taken place. “I also received this photo a few minutes ago and after zooming on it I realised it is not Ishat-e-Islam mosque. It is a fake,” he said.

Abdul Mannan, Imam of the mosque, told the OT over phone that it is fake news.

After googling the photo and its sources, the OT found that actually the photo is of a mosque in in Pune. On further searches it was found that a mosque in Pune is readying its premises for use as quarantine facility. A mosque located inside the educational institute at Azam Campus in Camp has been turned into a quarantine facility for Covid-19 (coronavirus) patients, reported The Hindustan Times.

So the photo of Pune mosque is being circulated as Ishat-e-Islami mosque in Jamia Nagar. The news of JIH turning its mosque into quarantine centre for Covid patients is fake.

Three days ago, the OT was the first to run a story based on reliable sources that the JIH is planning to set up oxygen beds in its newly expanded Ishat-e-Islam mosque. However, it has come to the knowledge of the portal that the plan has been shelved off and there is talk to have beds for Covid patients in school on the JIH campus.

A source said to set up oxygen beds for Covid patients it is important to take permission from higher authorities and an appeal regarding which has been moved. But the beds will not come up in the mosque as new spots have been identified and it might take more time as there is oxygen crisis in Delhi.

The claim that JIH has put beds for Covid patients in Ishat-e-Islam mosque is fake. The photos doing the rounds are not of the Ishaet-e-Islam mosque.