A few tips to beat humidity this summer

A few tips to beat humidity this summer

Many homes are faced with the problem of little humidity during the cold winter months. However, rain brings with it humidity during summer and monsoon, posing problems leaving you battle high humidity and sweating.


And it is during such times that you need AC to cool yourself and get back you energy. “Too much humidity is not good for your health as chances of Dehydration is also high. Elderly and children should spend time in AC room. It is important that your AC has the right gas to cool your home during high humidity days. Take enough water and go for water laced fruits like watermelon and others,” says ZA care manager, based in Okhla.

The manager urged residents to call them if they have problems with gas leakage and less cooling of their AC.

“High humidity can be especially dangerous when combined with high temperatures, as it will disrupt the body’s ability to cool itself, which may lead to a heat stroke. People with heart problems or asthma are advised to be extremely careful during such conditions. Air conditioner provides comfort at higher temperatures, so homeowners can raise the setting on their central air conditioners thereby reducing their energy use,” he said.