Yoga Guru Dr Badrul Islam gives Yoga tips to Jamia cops

Police Station Jamia Nagar successfully organised Fitness, Health Prosperity and Enrichment Yoga Camp under the supervision and guidance of International Yoga Guru Dr. Badrul Islam Kairanvi.

Since 1975 dedicated to the propagation of indigenous scientific Yoga techniques International Yoga Guru Dr. Badrul Islam Kairanvi was invited to conduct and lead Fitness and Health Prosperity Yoga Camp for police personals in the campus of Police Station Jamia Nagar New Delhi, said his team.

Dr. Islam is recognised Yoga expert of India who represented India in Yoga in 1985 at European medical conference at Italy and also contributed as co-author of Yoga Textbooks of NCERT Govt. of India, said the team

At this occasion Dr. Islam trained Delhi Police in world-class simple Yoga technique to keep their mind focused and controlled but happy without pressure and fresh-fresh powered again and again to engage mind in solving society’s problems with brilliancy, it said.

The regular practice of Dr BIK innovative Yoga technique is so powerful there will be no mental fatigue and the side effects of daily tiring routine activities of police personnel, it said.

One of the inbuilt quality of this advanced DrBIK Yoga technique is that it makes mind calm and crystal clear for dealing puzzling cases of society and personal life in the light of ethics with affection, compassion and brotherhood, it said.

Under the leadership of Dr. Islam the camp achieved its target successfully and participants liked and also enjoyed the scientifically refined Yogic technique related to keep tummy tuck, the way to prevent and get rid of diseases, improve will power, peace and wisdom to make India fit and hit, it said.