Delhi Budget 2021 special and unique for women: AAP

Delhi Budget 2021 special and unique for women

Delhi Government’s 2021 budget has put a heavy focus on empowering women by taking various special measures, said the government. The role of women is key for the progress of Delhi and hence, providing accessible healthcare, education and social provisions is a priority, it said. The Delhi Budget 2021, much like the previous budgets, has put a special emphasis on empowering the women and the Deputy Chief Minister has brought several unique schemes for the same. It is because of such initiatives and schemes Aam Aadmi Party has such a large share of female voters.

“Delhi’s 2021 Budget emphasised on establishing 100 ‘Mahila Mohalla Clinics’ so that every woman in Delhi can access special services of gynaecologists and related diagnostic tests. Considering women are not able to talk freely about their health issues and healthcare is not easily accessed by those belonging to middle class and lower income families, the Delhi government plans to undertake the responsibility of having a ‘Mahila Mohalla Clinic’ around every woman in Delhi. Services of gynaecologist and related diagnostic tests will also be made available under the same.

“Delhi Government has planned that in the first phase, 100 ‘Mahila Mohalla Clinics’ will be established in different parts of Delhi, which will be progressively increased to at least one clinic in each ward.

“Further, the Delhi Budget 2021 has also focused on empowering women economically and include them within the economy. To strengthen the role of women in the economy, the Delhi Government has planned some new schemes. One important initiative is – Saheli Samanvay Kendra”.

“Under this scheme, 500 Anganwadi hubs shall be set up in various parts of Delhi which shall be used by women of nearby areas for four hours every morning. These hubs can be used for incubating individual start-ups and to promote the self-help group – ‘Samriddhi’. Special arrangement in the hubs will be made for the women and required training be imparted to open micro-economic units and for holding meetings of self-help groups.

“Since 2019, Delhi Government has been able to provide 19.2 crore free bus rides to women of the city. Continuing this initiative, the Delhi Government will ensure that women travel safely, using free bus rides in DTC and Cluster buses. Further, to ensure safety, all DTC and Cluster buses of Delhi have CCTV cameras installed along with bus marshalls to prevent any untoward incidents. Delhi Government is further working on installing CCTV cameras at tourist spots and LED lights will be placed in areas that are not well lit.

“Delhi Government has also ensured provision of other benefits to empower women. Schemes like the Delhi Pension Scheme for Women in Distress, Maternity schemes, Ladli Yojana for girls in schools are already operational for women and girls of Delhi. Delhi Government is also planning to establish 33 Mahila Support Centres for women and girls who are unable to access information on such schemes. A counsellor will be present in these support centres to help and counsel women in issues concerning government initiatives, ” it said.