Okhla users back on WhatsApp, Instagram as services restored after global outage

WhatsApp, Instagram services restored after global outage

How much people are banking on social media can be ascertained from the fact that the OT post asking its readers whether they were having problem with WhatsApp and Istagram solicited several comments within seconds with majority writing about the global outage.

A few minutes ago some readers commented that the services to WhatsApp, Instagram have been restored after global outage on late Friday night as trouble was reported at 10:55 pm. Services were restored at 11:42 pm, according to media reports.

The report of outage couldn’t be posted by OT on its Instagram page initially. However, now it has been posted proving the fact that the services have been restored. On googling on the subject several reports surfaced talking about the outages. Twitter was flooded with messages about the service getting down. Many residents working from their homes faced hardship in sending files with WhatsApp. In some newspaper the work was stuck as sub-editors and seniors were rushing to meet paper deadline.

WhatsApp and Instagram are run by Facebook Inc.

Till the filing of the report, the cause of the global outages was not known and there was no official work from the social media giant.