BREAKING: Is your WhatsApp down in Okhla? Are your facing issue with Instagram?

BREAKING: WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram face global outage, including India, according to media report. A resident in Okhla using WhatsApp said he was unable to update file from his PC while trying to send files to his office.

A google search showed several reports pointing out towards the fact of outage of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Facing Mass Outage in Multiple Regions; Reason Unknown, reported a few minutes ago. It is reported that some residents who use the message application for staying in touch with their offices due to Convid while working from home said the noticed the problem on late Friday at 10:55 pm.

Outage tracker Downdetector shows a spike in outages. The reason behind the outages are not known, however, the twitter is flooded with messages of the outage.