Educational institutions resort to virtual classrooms

Educational institutions resort to virtual classrooms

INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES ups its game during pandemic with Live Online Classes and Home Based Online Admission Test for students

INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES (IAS) from its inception has been dedicated towards giving quality education to students and churning out par excellence professionals.


The year 2020 is a year that will go down in history. It’s a year that has seen one of the most terrifying and life-threatening diseases – Corona Virus, also known as COVID-19. With the number of COVID-19 cases rising each day globally, the need to have a break-through antidote to fight this menace has become all the more crucial.

COVID-19 has hit the world in ways unimaginable – from people losing their years-old jobs, many suffering from food and basic supplies’ scarcity to a worldwide lockdown to safeguard the citizens around the globe. Apart from the many sectors in the Indian economy, the sector that has been affected heavily by COVID-19 is the ‘Education Sector’. With schools, colleges and educational institutions shutting down, it has become a real-life challenge for teachers and professors to carry on with studies and to complete syllabus on time.

Here’s where the virtual world has stepped in and come to the rescue! The education system not only in the world but in India, as well, has taken the support of digital technology and is moving forward even in times of extreme crisis.

In India, a brand new digital and virtual era has taken place where ‘study from home’ and ‘learning from home’ is a practice being followed by students and teachers all over India.

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, educational institutions are resorting to virtual classrooms. The nationwide lockdown and restrictions on movement have put ‘Virtual teaching’ on the spotlight which has today become the need of the hour and also our reality. In time to come, it will not be surprising if virtual work and teaching become the way of life.

Classes, tests, examinations and assignments are being taken and evaluated right from home – all online. Through various applications and software online, the education system has taken it in its stride and coping exceptionally well with the pandemic – not giving up at all!

INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES, renowned for preparations for the revered JEE, NEET, NTSE, Olympiads, as well as School / Board examinations is keeping up with the tough times with online classes, home based admissions tests and examinations. The lockdown has accelerated adoption of digital techniques for studying at INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES where the expert professors are helping students study well and to their full potential with productive online learning. Aspiring students studying at INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES and taking online classes have raved about the systematic teaching and learning during the online sessions conducted on a daily basis, where full-fledged classes take place along with adhering to each student’s queries and doubts.

INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES has made it its mission, to not back down even in times of catastrophe and supporting the students in order to make their future bright and proffer them a successful career ahead. A pool of highly competent and experienced Faculty at INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES has also ensured a well-oiled digital system with all the necessary tools in place to make online classes and tests a success.

Students who wish to enroll in INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES to experience its LIVE Online Classes can do so by qualifying ‘Home Based Online Admission Test’. The ‘Home Based Online Admission Test’ allow students to take the admission test online without being present at a centre. Once the student is registered with INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES, the process for the online admission test will begin from INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES’s end.

Along with taking IAS LIVE Online Classes, the faculty at INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES also recommend some of the following time-management strategies for online learning for students to accomplish the best results.


Students who aspire to achieve great things in life need to make the right commitment towards their future. During the lockdown, INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES suggests students to create a ‘day-plan’ for each working day. This day-plan should consist of a regulated timetable dedicated to online classes, revision as well as some leisure time. The day-plan created should include – online classes, study sessions, breaks and revisions. It is imperative for students to also take some time out for themselves along with studying online as this helps in keeping the body, mind and soul rejuvenated to meet goals and targets.


Studying is no joke. It’s a serious work especially for competitive exams like JEE/NEET/NTSE etc. INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES advises students to take power naps or short breaks to be fresh throughout the day and to have an alert mind to study hard. Not only will power naps and regular breaks in the day help students manage time better but will also help in concentrating well and grasping study material and concepts faster.


Everyone needs their own personal space to yield the best results in anything, be it office work, creative flow and online studying. To manage time well and get the most out of one’s time, students can create their own little study space in their homes, where all necessary study items including books and stationery is easily accessible. Having a space that is designated for your studying and learning will create more impact on studies and help in effective time management.


Not only students but even adults have many doubts in life but what is important is to make a note of these doubts so that for future, there are no panic situations. A diary should always be handy with students while learning to make notes of important pointers as well as to jot down doubts to be cleared by the mentor. This saves a lot of time for the student to study better and accelerates the process of learning. Once all doubts are clear, there are no inhibitions in the students’ mind and confidence rises to another level.

INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES from its inception has been dedicated towards giving quality education to students and therefore, even when the country is dealing with a pandemic, COVID-19, INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES has not given in and continues to rise above all. The live online classes and online admission tests by INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES are a great stepping-stone and career-starter for aspiring professionals and that is why, the students and parents of the country trust INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES, be it good times or even times of adversity.

INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES and the entire Indian education system are constantly on their toes to bring value-driven education for students at their doorstep and that’s nothing less than heroic and applaudable!

DISCLAIMER: The write-up has been penned by INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES and the views are personal.