How Jamia Nagar’s influential groups doing little to popularise Urdu, they are doing the opposite

How Jamia Nagar’s influential groups doing little to popularise Urdu

It appears that the influential groups of Jamia Nagar, including leaders, activists, business houses, who don’t miss a chance to shed crocodile tears on social platforms for the plight of Urdu language, are themselves responsible for its neglect.

And to understand it just a walk through Jamia Nagar and have a close look at posters and banners. The messages are not in Urdu.

When it comes to the script on posters and pamphlets, most of the campaigners neglect Urdu as it is rare to find the Urdu script. Nothing wrong in it! But many residents said if we neglect Urdu how can we blame others for not doing enough to make Urdu popular.

Urdu novelist Abu Lays said: “I don’t have anything against any other language. But it is sad to see people not using Urdu. This only shows that the young generation is giving up Urdu. I see people are not even able to write correct Urdu.”

The lack of interest in Urdu has also been attributed to its market value.

Deoband educated Waris Mazhari said: “Before spending time on any language people think what I will get from it. The fact is that Urdu has no market value. So people think spending time on learning or mastering the language is wastage of time and money and hence they go after English and Hindi. I know many madarsa students who want to learn English.

“All told, I don’t agree with such theories. Urdu should not be dumped. Besides, the language was hit hard after it was dropped from schools in Uttar Pradesh. A generation grew up without good knowledge of Urdu.”

What is the way out? Mazhari said the least one can do is encourage youth to learn Urdu and for this to happen crash courses in Urdu should be organised in schools that too put a lot of stress on English.

Senior Urdu journalist Nadeem Ahmed concurs with Mazhari. He said: “Many a time I have seen that even people who try to get posters published in Urdu don’t know to write and read the language. It is important that we encourage our children to learn Urdu. Till now Urdu has been linked to religious issues, which is not the right impression. It is a language that needs better treatment at least in this locality.”