LS passes bill to regularise unauthorised colonies

LS passes bill to regularise unauthorised colonies

For residents of unauthorised colonies this news is for you. Reports have surfaced that the Lok Sabha has passed a legislation to regularise illegal colonies in Delhi. The passed bill aims to give legal framework for granting ownership rights to residents of unauthorised colonies in Delhi, including some area of Okhla.

The National Capital Territory of Delhi Laws (Special Provisions) Second (Amendment) Bill, 2021, to regularise unauthorised colonies, was passed in Parliament.


“Every chief minister has contributed to making Delhi what it is today. We decided to go ahead on this when Delhi elections were still very far off. We brought it before the Union Cabinet when Delhi government told us it would not be possible before 2021,” said Hardeep Singh Puri, Union minister for housing and urban affairs.

Efforts had been made in the past to regularise these colonies, but they were half-hearted and lacked political will, Puri said.

“The work that was not done in 11 years, we will do in 30 days. We will not just bring the law and set up portals for registration but also establish help centres so people can reach out. No one will be left out of this. We need to end this injustice that has been going on,” he said.

More than 1,700 unauthorised colonies across Delhi will benefit from it.

The Rajya Sabha had passed the bill on February 9.