Switch Delhi to encourage youths to adopt electric vehicles

The eighth and the final week of the Switch Delhi EV mass awareness campaign will focus on the most important and dynamic section of Delhi – the youth. The campaign aims to sensitize, inform and encourage Delhi’s youth to adopt electric vehicles.

“The youth of Delhi can play a huge role in making the EV movement in Delhi a mass movement. I appeal to the youth to make their first vehicle purchase an electric one,” Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot said.

He added: “Youth is the most important section in any country, especially in a young country such as India. They can drive change and be the torchbearers of this movement. The Delhi government will engage with the youth via the Switch Delhi campaign to motivate them to adopt EVs and contribute to a cleaner and greener Delhi.”

With the wide range of financial and non-financial incentives offered under Delhi’s EV policy, youth can obtain numerous benefits in buying an EV. “By switching to electric two wheelers which have very low operating costs, an individual can make an annual saving of approximately Rs 22,000 as compared to using petrol scooter and Rs 20,000 as compared to a petrol bike,” Gahlot said.

He added: “An average electric two wheeler provides a lifetime savings of 1.98 tonnes of carbon emissions as compared to an average petrol two wheelers, which is equivalent to planting 11 trees.”

“Delhi’s youth, by adopting EVs instead of motorised vehicles, can set an example for the rest of India. I am sure that the youth of Delhi will become torchbearers of this movement and spread the message to the rest of the country to adopt electric vehicles and pave the way for a sustainable future,” Gahlot said.

Gahlot said: “Delhi’s youth has the power to transform Delhi by adopting EVs and can help reduce vehicular pollution levels in the capital. The youth is an active stakeholder in helping achieve CM Arvind Kejriwal’s vision of making Delhi the EV capital of India.”

Gahlot said: “Delhi’s young population can actively show commitment in this direction by taking the Switch Delhi pledge to adopt an electric vehicle. Please take the pledge at https://ev.delhi.gov.in/Pledge and encourage your family and friends to be a part of the ongoing strong EV movement.”

He added: “The Delhi Government has been working tirelessly to lay the ground for a successful transition to electric vehicles in the national capital. I urge Delhiites to now switch to electric, make this a mass movement, take responsibility for our environment, and make our city the EV Capital of India. I assure you, we’re here to help you switch to sustainable transport.”

Switch Delhi is an eight-week mass awareness campaign by the Delhi Government to sensitize every Delhiite about the benefits of switching to EVs to the environment as well as to make them aware of the incentives and infrastructure being developed under Delhi’s EV policy. The campaign aims at informing, encouraging, and motivating each person in Delhi to switch from polluting vehicles to zero-emission electric vehicles.