SDMC dedicates Swasth Shikshit Sehchaari Centre in South zone

SDMC dedicates Swasth Shikshit Sehchaari Centre in South zone

On the occasion of International Women’s day, SDMC South Zone has taken the initiative to benefit 1,434 women saifai sainiks working in the South Sone, SDMC in the form of S3 Centre i.e. Swasth Shikshit Sehchaari Centre, it said in a statement issued to the media.

This Centre was inaugurated by chairperson of South Zone Dr. Nandini Sharma and Deputy Commissioner of South ZOne Dr. Sonal Swaroop.

In this centre,  the SDMC in association with Select Citywalk and Aarohan will provide facilities like Mobile Health Clinic thrice a week where medical checkup, health counseling, NCD tests will be done on the spot along with treatment for common ailments.

Through NGO Aarohan, basic education and training will also be provided to all the women safai sainiks regarding financial and digital literacy etc. In this training schedule, all the women Safai Sainiks will be given awareness about government schemes for them and their children. The modules of course will be decided on the basis of the survey and requirements of women Safai Sainiks.

Training for skill development and waste upcycling etc. will also be the part of the programme at this S3 Centre. In this programme one women safai sainik from each ward was also awarded for their special contribution in Swachh Survekshan-2021, it said.

During the inauguration, Dr. Nandani Sharma, Chairperson, South Zone while emphasising the role of women across all sectors said that the closure of this Dhalao was long pending and demand of the villagers and this initiative will benefit all the female Safaikaramcharies.

She said to launch this Centre an abandoned dhalao was remodelled (which was long pending demand of villagers for its demolition) and converted into the centre where all the Female SKs will be provided the facilities to empower themselves.

Dr. Sonal Swaroop, Deputy Commissioner, South Zone said while formulating this initiative all the 1,434 women safai sainiks of South Zone were kept in mind.

Apart from health facilities, these women safai sainiks will benefit by getting livelihood training, becoming literate to use various digital and financial platforms thus empowering themselves and generations to come.

In this programme, CEO of Select City Walk, Shashi Sharma and Rani Patel, Aarohan (NGO) and senior officials of SDMC were also present.