The story of Hafiz-e-Quran’s 11-year-old son

The story of Hafiz-e-Quran’s 11-year-old son

Life in Delhi is full of hardship for the impoverished one. If some chose to beg to eke out a living there are many who want to work hard to earn their livelihood.

If the OT readers were impressed by the story of Alauddin, who after losing his hand in an accident, worked instead of begging, then the story of this 11-year-old boy of Jamia Nagar will certainly warm your heart.

Name withheld, the boy was seen sitting outside a mosque in Okhla with a weighing machine, said a resident, adding that he was asking namazis to use the machine to know about their weight.

When a resident asked him about charge, he simply said: “Pay as much as you want.” Impressed the resident said he paid the boy Rs 20 and urged others to do so. Within minutes many turned up there and got their weight with some giving him Rs 5, 10 and more for the service.

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On being asked, the boy said his father is Hafiz-e-Quran and can’t see. Many namazis recognised his father and said he comes with his father from time to time. They all appreciated the boy for thinking out of the box to earn money rather than begging.

The boy said he keeps on moving in the locality. He said he goes to a religious school for education.