Where have all the sparrows gone?

Where have all the sparrows gone?

The sweet chirping sound of sparrows was music to the ears of residents of Jamia Nagar, but not anymore as they have become a rare site in the locality, writes Md Qaiser Khan.

With the mushrooming of buildings in the locality and dwindling greenery, they are rarely seen on the balcony or on a window grills of a house. Md. Mushtaq a resident of Abul Fazal Enclave and a bird lover said: “A few years ago we would be greeted with the sweet chirping sound of this beautiful bird but not anymore. My children would love it. They always get excited after watching them. However, now we miss them.”

The decrease in their numbers is alarming. A bird watcher Anwer said:  “Cutting down of trees has stopped these sparrows from coming to this locality. Besides, construction of new buildings has also played a role.”

A technical adviser said: “The increase in use of cell phones and wireless adapters has forced the sparrows to flee from this locality to more green pastures. The electromagnetic radiations emitted by cellphones and Wi-fi routers are having an impact on the breeding of these birds.”

A resident, who didn’t want to be named, said: “Their decreasing population is a big problem. But we are working on ways to attract these birds. Dwindling greenery has also an impact on the population of the sparrows.”

Many residents and bird lovers are concerned over the decrease in their numbers.  Md. Ishaq said: “Electro- magnetic radiation is greatly affecting the breeding of sparrows.”

However, there are some who are least bothered about their existence. Another resident said: “Sparrows consume agricultural products and hence create problem. I am quite happy that now we are safe at least inside our houses.”

But their numbers are negligible in the locality with many still missing the sparrows. They want the sparrows to invade their houses and balcony.