Meet Shaheen Bagh resident Waseem, ‘oxygen man’, who saved life of a Covid patient (video)

Meet Shaheen Bagh resident Waseem, ‘oxygen man’, who saved life of a Covid patient (video)

It was early morning and after finishing his Fajr prayer after eating his sehri, Shaheen Bagh resident Muhammad Waseem Ali was getting ready to hit the bed and it was then that he received a call from an unknown number.

The man introduced himself as ambulance driver urging Waseem for oxygen cylinder. The driver said as he was carrying a patient from Saket and was just left with five minutes of oxygen so he needed oxygen urgently.

The driver’s plea moved Waseem, who asked the person to come to Shaheen Bagh to his house so that he could give oxygen cylinder to him. As the showroom road was barricaded, Waseem with his friends rushed to the spot with heavy cylinder and handed it over to the driver and saved a life.

VC: Faiz Ilahi

When asked, the driver told Waseem that he got his number from social media. Waseem, like many other Okhla residents and activists, have been at the forefront in the locality, putting posts on the social media, urging people to contact them in case they are in need of oxygen.

Narrating this story to the OT, activist Faiz Ilahi, who also runs NGO Khidmat, said: “My friend Waseem saved life of a man struggling to breathe. Ambulance driver’s call came from Saket soon after Fajr prayer. He called them to Shaheen Bagh (his residence). They came and the oxygen had completely ended. 4-5 minutes had passed the ambulance at Shaheen Bagh site without oxygen.

“Came brother Waseem, gave them two 50litres cylinders. That was quickly replaced and gave a new life to the man.”

Waseem is an engineering graduate from Jamia Hamdard.

There is no dearth of such Waseem in Okhla.