Scribe beats Covid-19, says virus changed his approach to life

Scribe working in Noida beats Covid-19, says virus changed his approach to life.

If there are people who don’t share about being afflicted by coronavirus there is no dearth of people who share their experiences on the social media.


Nawada resident (Uttam Nagar) and senior journalist Sajjan Singh Thakur is one such person who loved to share his experiences on the social media after he got Covid. Now, he has recovered and joined Noida TOI office where he works.

In one recent post on his timeline, he wrote how Covid changed him and his approach to life.

“Some important changes in my life that I see post Covid that gripped my daughters and me (we tested positive on June 23 that you know; if some of you are not aware, do read my earlier posts, kindly). Here they are:

“1. Health is paramount. So it is important to keep myself fit all the time. Unless I am fit, how can I do justice to my work and take care of my family? So, an exercise (and yoga) regime needs to resume after years when I stopped it due to slip-disc in 2012 and (first) the appendicitis operation in 1996 during my first job in Patna. Exercise will help me in my IBS too. (Google what is IBS). In youth I used to run 5 km daily, what days they were! I considered myself a lifelong sportsman. Fir se…these days should be back. Actually, youthfulness is a must to lead a normal life. That keeps doctors away.

“2. Today, even on off days, I grip newspapers like they are my lifeline and remain glued to mobile news and opinion pieces like there is no tomorrow. But I realise now, there is a limit to what and how much news one can consume, so my enjoyment and distraction do matter, and I must find some time every day to watch entertainment shows or Netflix / Hotstar, which I never watched. But an old friend-cum-ex-colleague, who talks to me (on WhatsApp) every day during my illness, encouraged me to watch a web series and I am liking it. (God bless that friend!) That keeps me updated too. There is a life outside News, I mean.

“3. Take it easy. I am no James Bond (that I should be everywhere and know everything). I have a family, which needs my time, so I must spare some precious moments every day and especially on my off days even as my 8.30 plus hours job and homework don’t allow me to look beyond the work. Actually, life/wellness matter and on it depends all: work and my performance. If I don’t take extra load, I can take care of myself and family. Sky will not fall if I skip something.

“4. My off days are when I need to unwind: watching my favourite old movies, listening to old songs, and some new stuff must form part of my wellness regime. Right?

“5. Of course, I shall never compromise on reading books every day. This is non-negotiable. I am a slow reader, but chalega. I read three four books together, so I take time to finish. I don’t have to impress anyone, hence let me be myself. I am like this. For me 1984 is as important as Rashmirathi or Chitralekha or Gaban, or a Kumarasambhavam or A Brief History of Time or a Sunny Days. All things matter and my books are my blood.

“So, leading a normal and balanced life is the be all and end all of our existence. Agree?

“Doing meditation/prayers is one thing I can’t do without; not a morsel of food I can touch without first performing my prayers. I am 48 unofficially. I hope some of you agree.”