Biryani parties, posterbaazi main feature of RWA AFE (A to D block) elections?

Biryani parties, posterbaazi main feature of RWA AFE elections?

If you are a resident of Okhla then you must have noticed that in Jamia Nagar biryani parties and posterbaazi are two important parts of any election whether big or small.

The case is point is the Abul Fazal Enclave RWA election 2021 (A to D block) with the voting to be held on March 4. Poll watchers said in the last few days the area is full of activities with would be post bearers and their die-hard supporters in the field to drum up support for their representatives.

This time around the election campaign is intense with several biryani parties being thrown. A resident on the condition of anonymity said till now one panel has thrown at least 22 biryani parties, a claim that the OT could not verify independently.

However, it has been confirmed from sources that many biryani parties have been thrown, even in restaurants, with would be post bearers talking about ways to make the area a role model. It is another story that many among them have done little to address the burning issues of cleanliness, piped drinking water, women security and on other issues, said another resident, requesting not to be named, adding that as you walk through the area you can see huge posters everywhere giving an impression as if some big elections is going on. There is excitement all over.

It is not known how much money is spent on biryani parties. But one resident said roughly Rs 20,000 could be spent on one biryani party, again a claim which the OT could not verify independently.

A journalist, who is closely watching the election development, said posters are being ripped apart and new posters are being put. There is such an excitement in AFE that nobody is talking about Assembly elections in other States as for many supporters this RWA election is bigger than anything, he said.

And yes the report would be incomplete without the mention of self-proclaimed facebookya activists, who are only active during elections in the virtual world with minus following on the ground. They are lying low in this RWA elections.