Looking for jobs? Visit Delhi govt job portal as 9 L jobs available

Looking for jobs? Visit Delhi govt job portal as 9 L jobs available

Delhi government’s Employment Minister Gopal Rai on Friday said at the Delhi govt’s Rozgar Bazar online job portal the number of job seekers is lesser than the number of jobs available. He said right now more than 9 lakh jobs are available at the job portal and the number of applicants is 8.64 lakhs.


He said till date 22 lakh job posts were made by different employers at this Delhi govt job portal.

Rai said 3.5 lakh such job posts were cancelled due to duplication and some posts were fake. He also said till today 10 lakh vacancies were closed by the employers as they have received the required number of people and till date, there are 8.64 lakh job applicants who are still looking for jobs. He also said that Delhi govt to launch poster campaign from next week to apprise people about the job portal and Rozgar Bazar.

:Delhi is going through the COVID-19 pandemic and this has hit the employment sector. Many workers left the city due to lack of work and various industries are now facing the crunch of workers. At the same time, many people have lost their jobs. In a bid to generate more employment and to ensure the required number of workers to the employers, the Delhi government has launched a job portal under the leadership CM Arvind Kejriwal. To synchronize and match these two sides, the Delhi government has launched a job portal – ‘jobs.delhi.gov.in’, where employers can post jobs citing desired qualifications, designation, position, experience. This Rozgar Bazar has created a new model for the employment sector during the COVID pandemic. The Delhi government has already set up Delhi Model of fighting against the COVID pandemic and now the Rozgar Bazar has also become a model,” said Rai.

He said: “In the portal, nearly 22 lakh jobs were posted and now we have made a task force analyse these posts. We noticed that there is a duplication of posts and also fake job posts. After a thorough study, we have cancelled nearly 3.5 lakh such job posts. Some of these posts were duplicates and in the other cases when we reached out to the employers they could not give a proper answer about their job posts.”

“Nearly 12.57 lakh people had their first-time interaction regarding job through this portal. Today I want to appeal all the youth of Delhi to register here for the jobs. Here all the jobseekers of Delhi should enroll and upload their biodata to get jobs. We are aware of the fact that many construction workers will not have access to the internet. I will request all the youth of Delhi that if you know any such person then please come forward and help them. There are various private websites for jobs but this website is completely free. I want to inform every citizen that nobody will be needed to pay a single penny in this platform so if there is any person who asks for money here then do not give any money. Many vacancies are still there so more and more people should apply. From the next week, the Delhi government will launch a poster campaign to reach out to more people,” said Rai.