Rihan Khan Suri leaves Jamia, takes up new challenge

Rihan Khan Suri joins new position, says it is a new challenge

The Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University appointed Prof. (Dr.) Snigdha Pattnaik  and Prof. (Dr.) Rihan Khan Suri as the new Pro Vice Chancellors to the University.


At the welcome ceremony organised at the University with senior leadership, Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Neharika Vohra said: “We are extremely glad to have on board such distinguished and experienced members with us. DSEU will hugely benefit from the vast experience and the charisma of the newly appointed Pro Vice Chancellors. I am certain that they are going to take DSEU to new heights and transform the skill education space.”

She said: “The University has been established with the idea of teaching students with industry relevant skills in order to help them obtain top jobs in the industry and become great assets for nation building.”

She said: “The University has been focussing on developing tie-ups with industries to understand their requirements while also providing a sense of security and confidence to students. I am certain that under the guidance of our Pro Vice Chancellors, the University will be able to embark on this mission and drive a change in the higher education ecosystem where students will spend more time in the industry, learning through hands-on experience.”

Rihan Khan Suri, expressed his commitment and said: “This is a new challenge for all of us. It is an entirely different paradigm where we are moving from conventional degree programs and introducing skill based diploma and degree programs with close partnership with the industry. As a team, I can definitely say that we will be able to achieve excellence in all our endeavors and I will personally work towards imbibing an entrepreneurial mindset in our students.”

Prof. (Dr.) Rihan Khan Suri has a Ph.D. in Management with 29 years of industry and academic experience, and headed the centralised university placement cell at the Jamia Millia Islamia .

Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Snigdha Pattnaik while speaking to the team of Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University said: “I am delighted to be part of this great initiative. When I first heard about the University, I knew this was very different from the conventional higher education models that exist and I wanted to be a part of it”.

Prof. Pattnaik brings in extensive experience in human resource management and behavioral science, of over three decades and was the former Dean at School of Human Resource Management, Xavier University Bhubaneswar, Odisha.