Reopening of schools in Delhi: Parents, teachers, students asked to email their suggestions

Reopening of schools in Delhi: Parents, teachers, students asked to email their suggestions

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia sought suggestions from students, parents, and teachers in Delhi regarding the reopening of schools and other educational institutions. Teachers, parents, and students can send their suggestions regarding the opening of educational institutions by emailing to

Sisodia said before the reopening of educational institutions, suggestions from all the stakeholders will be taken into account so that the Delhi Government can take a decision keeping in view all the opinions.

At present, Special PTMs are being organised in all Delhi Government schools from July 19 to July 31. Sisodia visited many schools and interacted with parents and teachers during the PTM. During the PTM, curiosity was prominent among parents and teachers regarding the reopening of schools mixed with fear about the safety of the children.

Sisodia stated that due to the closure of colleges, the college life of our youth has also been reduced to a small room in the house. College-going youth dream of studying proudly in a big college however, because of the pandemic, their college campus is also confined to their home. Therefore, the youth are also curious about when and how their colleges will open.

Sisodia said: “Delhi Government had closed schools and colleges keeping in mind the safety and security of children. But now, schools have opened or are opening in many nearby States and the situation of Covid in Delhi is under control. Approximately 70-75 thousand corona tests are being conducted daily in Delhi, with only 40-50 Covid-positive people. Therefore, before making any decision to open educational institutions, Delhi Government wants to take their suggestions from parents, teachers, principals, and children as to when and how to open educational institutions. All stakeholders in schools and educational institutions can send their suggestions by email to After the suggestions are received, the government will decide when and how to re-open the education system.”

It is important to point out that in the special PTMs running in all the Delhi Government schools, over 5 lakh parents visited the schools and interacted with the teachers about their children’s education and well-being. This shows the outstanding success of Delhi’s education system, with parents taking a keen interest in their children’s education.