Jamia alumnus Renuka who empowered girls, homeless passes away, timeline posts by hubby who won Covid battle will leave you emotional

Jamia alumnus Renuka who empowered girls, homeless passes away, timeline posts by hubby who won Covid battle will leave you emotional

Jamia Millia Islamia alumnus Renuka Gupta, who dedicated her life to empower girls and providing shelter to homeless, has passed away, according to sources.


The Okhla Times
Philanthropist Renuka Gupta (pic from here timeline)

Md Danish, who knows the family, said we came to know about her passing away from her husband Indu Prakash Singh, who also studied at Jamia. Both philanthropist husband and wife tested Covid positive a few days ago with Indu recovering from the infection. But he lost his wife Renuka. Nasir Sultan Qazi and other Jamia alumnus also shared about her death on their timeline.

Sharing about her passing away, three hours ago Indu wrote on his timeline: “She fought bravely, you all prayed profusely. Renuka decided to be with the divine. They must have loved her more! God bless you all.”

Indu, who studied MA at Department of Sociology and Psychology at Jamia in 1984, has been sharing updates on his timeline about his wife health. On May 16, he wrote: “On April 22, Renuka, returned from Ambedkar Hospital, as there was no oxygen. Barkha Dutt was there, she took her interview there itself. On April 23 morning,  we took her to Terapanth Bhavan, Jain Sadhna Kendra, Chattarpur, from there in evening, we took her to Batra Hospital, they were not admitting her, after pursuing a lot she was taken in emergency.

“On April 24, by 9 am they raised the alarm that oxygen supply is going off in Batra Hospital, then I called Delhi Government friends, they told us to take Renuka to LNJP. In LNJP ICU bed was not there.

“As Renuka lay in the ambulance which too ran out of oxygen….To take her we needed oxygen ambulance. We got one at the cost of Rs 15,500 so by April 24 evening Renuka moved into the ICU ward. On May 6, Renuka was put on the ventilator. And till date she’s on the ventilator. Friends in 1000s are all praying for Renuka, world over. And that has to work. O divine, eliminate her ordeal. And heal her, and all suffering due to Covid.” But Renuka didn’t survive.

Indu’s timeline is full of updates, giving an idea how people in Delhi were struggling to overcome Covid.

On May 11, he wrote: “O Divine (DIVEin = Divine, the essence of all religions, the spirit of spirituality):

“I write this to you as a plea, a prayer, to save my best half, Renuka Gupta. She is battling for her life on the ventilator, in Jaypee Hospital, NOIDA, Sec 128, how can I sleep peacefully? Thus at 3:10 am tonight 2021: May 12 I am awake, meditating. Having meditated and having told Renuka to fight for her breath, life, to never give up. To turn even 0.1 per cent chance of life into 100 per cent, which I and all her family and friends praying to you, know she’s capable of. I now write to you.

“Renuka has been mother to over 2,000 girls of PPES. Not just her two children: Manav and Pragya. Never for once in the last 20 years has she ever not spoken of her dreams for each of these girls to be empowered people, leading the world. Through her team of over 200 staff, she has led the work from the front. Guiding it ably with the support of its visionary Board. Has raised resources for the girls from all over the world.

“How can you allow her to battle it out alone without your support? Isn’t she your chosen one? Then why this torture for her? You have breath for all the criminals, the leaders of our country who only canvassed to votes, while people lay dying every day. What kind of divine order is this? Is this divine justice? If you let them live, why not Renuka? She’s all 56 years old. She has many dreams still left, Please give her, her life which is due to her, not just for her sake, our sake, for PPES sake, but also for your sake. For she’s doing your work. Isn’t it?

“May I ask you to intervene positively and bring her back to life from the ventilator. However critical she might be, you can do it. Will you not do it? Please O Divine know that we are extremely tired of begging the hospital people for sharing her vitals. She got admitted on 24th April 2021, in the ICU ward. After 5-5 hours of our pursuit we would get incomplete information (by now I have over six numbers, none responding appropriately). And then again the struggle to fill the gaps. Not one Dr ever called to explain her condition, except the one who called me at 4:25 am on May 6 asking if I allow them to put Renuka on the ventilator… Though she told me not to torture her by putting her on the ventilator. I asked her, what’s the option? She told, Ventilator. I said go ahead. Then she told me that while shifting her from Bipap to the ventilator, she may cease. I said, go ahead, I take the responsibility. I take the decision of it and absolve you of its consequences.

“In the meanwhile my co-patients in Max hospital get up. We do our energy prayer, from the Amazon, our bhajans, and prayers. In 5 minutes, she called back that Renuka has been placed on the ventilator. Thank God, that’s you, O Divine who was with us that moment.

“But after that we have struggled to talk to the doctors. Not one welcoming the calls. Pragya went twice. I couldn’t for I too got back from the hospital by 7:30 pm, on May 6, after the discharge started from the morning. We have had Renuka’s friends, who are docs talk to these doctors and make some sense of the situation. But not one call from the hospital on its own even to inform us that Renuka is being put for dialysis yesterday night.

“I chanced to get the call connected and had Dr… speak. He informed me of the dialysis, and told me that someone must have called to seek your permission for it. I said none called me.

“Anyways he said Renuka is “quite critical”. Hopefully the dialysis will stem the infections. In India when you are a patient – carer you are a marginal person, worse than Dalits, Muslims, women, children, elderly, …. You are left to beg to be heard, to hear about how your patient is doing. I don’t mind this torture, mindless flagellation, at the hospital administration. This can’t be part of Divine Justice, Right?

“So Divine, you know it all. There are 100 and 1000s of family and friends, and also the girls of Pardada Pardadi, Pardada Pardadi Educational Society (PPES, Anoopshahr, UP) praying you to save Renuka’s life. I hope you’re on our side.

“Don’t disappoint us. Please stand next with your appointed person, Renuka and join us in saving her life. I know you have the divine justice… Let it be quick.

“Please O Divine, grant life to Renuka. Please accept millions of micro offerings of prayers to you, from multitude of Renuka’s supporter, from all over the world.

“I know you stand with us. For we have never left you ever. All our work has been dedicated to you. We seek your benevolence, your compassion, your justice. See to it that you don’t disappoint yourself or us.

“Till our last breath we will continue to pray to you for the life of Renuka. Grant it as a gift, as a matter of right, which Renuka deserves.

“And if ever you want a life, for a life sake, to save Renuka, then please take me away. I have lived 61 years. My work with the CityMakers (homeless residents) will continue (world over), even when I’m gone, as there too are large number of friends committed to take ahead this work. And of course you too are there.

“So divine, whichever way, please save Renuka’s life. I’m ready for any conditions you put. You know it well that you have always been around my work. And inspired me and Renuka to do our best, at all times.”

Renuka has left behind two children and a husband.