Question of Jamia’s entrance paper upsets netizens, others

Question of Jamia’s entrance paper upsets netizens

A question asked in the psychology/sociology/geography entrance paper 2021 of Jamia Millia Islamia has left many netizens fuming, according to residents.

In a release issued to the media, Okhla-headquartered SIO said it condemns the fact that a question was asked in the entrance paper 2021 of Jamia on: Where Al-Aqsa mosque was situated without Palestine given in the option.

“…We immediately demand that this question be removed from the questionnaires of all students and its marks not be added and regret be expressed upon it,” said the SIO.

The question paper has been doing the rounds on the social media since the exam was held, said sources.

Jamia Teachers’ Association (JTA) post bearer Professor Majid Jamil said he came to know about it and such irresponsibility of paper setter is highly objectionable and Controller of Examinations should take immediate action in this regard.

Controller of Examinations and Registrar Jamia Millia Islamia Dr Nazim Husain Al-Jafri said enquiry will be set up to get to the depth of the story and then appropriate action will be taken as per Jamia rule.

It is understood that the Controller of Examinations office looks after the paper setting which comes in seal and can’t be seen by anyone only to be opened at the exam halls while being given to aspirants, said a source.

A Jamia researcher, requesting anonymity, said such things shouldn’t have happened in first place and it is unfortunate for a university whose one of the founders Maulana Mohammad Ali Johar is buried in Palestine.

However, there are some who feel that it might have happened due to lack of information or inadvertently and a lot should not be read into it.

The report of the question paper was first carried by a Delhi-based Urdu online newspaper.

Years ago, the OT had run a report of how when a chief guest, a politician, expressed his desire to know where Jamia founder Maulana Mohammad Ali Johar was buried those, including  top university officials, had expressed their inability to tell him about his exact tomb location.

It was then that a history student, who was also present at the tea party being held at the then V-C’s office, stepped in to inform the guest that Maulana Mohammad Ali Johar was laid to rest in Palestine and not in India to the surprise of many.

The then V-C had then appreciated the youth for sharing the information.