The Purple Book – Quiz Competition: Winners to be honoured soon

The Purple Book – Quiz Competition

In the first week of June 2020, Jahan-e-Mann(YouTube Channel) had commenced a quiz competition – “The Purple Book” for children of varying age groups and was aimed at following:-

  • To keep the spirit of learning high during this pandemic situation
  • To keep the children active and engaged
  • To keep them motivated

The quiz was held every Saturday via online method and lasted for three months (June-August 2020).  A total of 58 children participated whole heartedly and enthusiastically.

This platform allowed the children to do their research on various topics that were part of the quiz .This made them explore the topics on internet and get themselves up to date on the current issues and affairs.  The topics were:

  • Innovations
  • Current affairs
  • Who’s who?
  • Country and Capitals
  • Inventions and many more

To test their knowledge according to their age level, the 58 participants were divided amongst junior and senior students.

The Final quiz was held via Zoom on various topics in different rounds. The children had shown immense energy and an urge to answer. Their eagerness to answer had won the hearts of the audience who were watching them LIVE.

The list of finalists  (JUNIORS)

  1. Anvi Batta
  2. Meraj
  3. Rashmi Singh
  4. Ribhav
  5. Pushpinder HP
  6. Zaki
  7. Aisha Badar
  8. Taifur Rahman
  9. Nikhil Sharma
  10. Junaid Kamal
  11. Zoya Badar
  12. Pushpanhali HP


The list of Finalists(SENIORS)

  1. Ayaan
  2. Sidra
  3. Abdullatif
  4. Ahil
  5. Zoya
  6. Owais Kamal
  7. Rhythm Sharma
  8. Hamdan
  9. Samira Jamil
  10. Aisha Badar
  11. Rahman
  12. Nikhil


The winners are

The Purple Book




   2. ANSHUL

   3. ADITYA







Name of the event: – The Purple Book (Quiz Competition)

Duration of the event: – June 2020 – August 2020

Location of the event: – Online

Number of participants: – 58

Sponsoring organization: – Shakta Ara Educational Trust (SAET)

Presenting organization: – Jahan-e-Mann (YouTube Channel)

Name of the author: – Pahlavi Chaudhary

Date of report preparation: – 03-09-2020

The winners shall be  felicitated with trophies and certificates.