Book on Waqf Law by Munawar well received internationally

Book on Waqf Law by Munawar well received internationally

The book “Muslim Endowments Waqf Law and Judicial Response in India” authored by Dr PS Munawar Hussain, Joint Registrar, Maulana Azad National Urdu University is published by renowned publisher Routledge from London and New York as an international edition in December 2020.

The volume covers several jurisprudential and historical aspects of Waqf, which include Doctrines of Waqf; Essential Requisites of Waqf; Valid Objects of Waqf; Historical Account of Waqf; Emergence of Waqf Law in India; and Constitutional Validity of Waqf in India.

The chapters then go on to discuss the Waqf Act 1995 and Waqf Amendment Act 2013. The legal perspectives of each Section of Waqf Act and its amendments are elucidated with references under Reflections. The case-law has been analysed and cited under each Section of Waqf Act, wherever applicable.

As per the information available on, the book has found its place in around 70 libraries of universities and colleges of different countries around the world including Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Mexico, Germany, Nigeria, Malta, etc., apart from the Gulf countries in just one month of its release.

The book will be of interest to scholars and researchers of law and legal studies. It will help practitioners of Law, the managers of Waqf Institutions and officials involved in Waqf Administration.

The Foreword is written by Justice L Narasimha Reddy, Chairman Central Administrative Tribunal and Dr Ausaf Sayeed, Indian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. It is priced at 120 British Pounds.

The Publisher has placed the book in Theorising Education Series, because of its innovative work from a wide range of contexts and traditions.