Watch: No solution in sight to parking blues in Okhla

Watch: No solution in sight to parking blues in Okhla

There was a time when people in Okhla used to complain about the single-lane Abul Fazal Enclave- Kalindi Kunj road.

After a lot of hues and cries and by the collective efforts of local leaders, the problem was finally solved and the road was widened to a 20 feet road.

It was a big relief to the locals, but it soon became a problem because people started parking their vehicles in the sides, thus narrowing the already-widened road to a mere half, where only one vehicle can pass at a time with no overtaking.

With a heavy traffic on the road, including the DTC buses, the traffic jams are such a common thing now. This only means that more and more Okhla residents are spending longer hours on the road.

The solutions, however, are aplenty but a proper coordination from the authorities is needed, said residents.

Many feel that the most vexing issue can be solved by policing, creating awareness amongst residents, making multi-level parking lots etc.

The political leaders and activists, not to talk about self proclaimed facebookya activists, instead of involving in blame game should come forward to make positive changes, which would improve the situation as well help them also in converting their efforts to votes, said some residents.