Direct more oxygen supply to Delhi: Sisodia to Centre

Direct more oxygen supply to Delhi: Sisodia to Centre

Sisodia said: “We have been reiterating that the hospitals in Delhi do not have enough Oxygen supply for patients. We have been constant with our communication to the Central Government regarding the same. The most important issue is that the quota decided by Central Government for oxygen supply in Delhi is not enough due to the increase in COVID-19 cases.

“Delhi does not make its own oxygen, there is a limited supply of oxygen and State Governments do not have any control over oxygen supply, it is controlled by Central Government. The way COVID-19 cases have increased exponentially in Delhi and many patients from other states have come to Delhi to get treated, there is a greater need for more and more oxygen supply in Delhi.”

Sisodia said: “It is a fact that supplying oxygen to people is a collaborative effort of Central and State Governments. We have written time and again to the Central Government that the quota of 378 metric ton of oxygen for Delhi be increased to 700 metric ton of oxygen, as the requirements of Delhi have now reached to this extent. But we still have not seen the Central Government take a step in this direction or supply us with adequate oxygen. We have fought this battle against COVID-19 together along with Central Government and no one person or entity can fight it alone.

“The way Central Government has supported us in the last year in terms of COVID-19, we hope that they support us in the same stride, in our demand to increase oxygen supply in Delhi. All State Governments and Central Government will need to join forces to defeat this virus.”

Sisodia said: “I have been on several hospital visits myself in the past few days. There are many patients from Delhi, UP, Uttarakhand and various places from North India. This demand for oxygen is not just for the people of Delhi, all the people who have come to Delhi and are reeling with COVID-19 and need oxygen. The entire nation is fighting against this virus. It is our plea to the Central Government to take stock of this situation and increase oxygen supply in Delhi.

“The second issue is that there is a problem in bringing oxygen to Delhi. I was reading a report which said that the reason for limited supply of oxygen in many hospitals in Delhi today was because the oxygen that was earmarked for Delhi from a plant in Faridabad was monopolised and directed towards Haryana, by an official from Haryana Government.

“When Central Government has to decide on the quota of oxygen for each state then State Governments should not come in between and hoard oxygen. Similar ordeal took place yesterday in a plant near Modi Nagar when we had to call a senior minister from Central Government minister. It was only after his help that the oxygen supply reached Delhi. I plea to the Central Government to ensure that State Governments don’t take undue monopoly over oxygen and make sure this does not become a fight between State Governments.

“It is a battle we all have to fight together. I request that Central Government should take the responsibility of intervening and ensuring States should not stop oxygen supply from reaching the State they are earmarked for.”

Sisodia said: “State Governments do not decide which state will receive how much oxygen. Even if a State has an oxygen plant, that does not mean it will decide who will get how much oxygen, only Central Government decides that. Today, the cases are increasing in Delhi so we are requesting for more oxygen, tomorrow if any other State feels a similar need, they will put out their request forward.”