Delhi Govt to start free Oxygen Concentrator Bank for Covid +ve in home isolation: Kejriwal

Delhi Govt to start free Oxygen Concentrator Bank for Covid +ve in home isolation: Kejriwal

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday announced that the Delhi government is setting up an Oxygen Concentrator Bank (OCB) to provide oxygen concentrators to patients, recovering either under home isolation or who might need oxygen post-recovery.


He said 200 oxygen concentrators will be set up in each of the 11 districts, which will be delivered in 2 hours to patients in need. Patients who are not enrolled under the home isolation protocol of the Delhi government may call 1031 and avail of the oxygen concentrator facility.

He added: “From today, we are going to begin another important service — Oxygen Concentrator Banks. It has been often observed that whenever a person gets infected with the virus, their oxygen levels drop. If they are given oxygen immediately, their health can be prevented from further deterioration. If they do not get timely oxygen, things may worsen. Therefore, it is imperative that COVID patients get timely oxygen. For such patients, we have created the Oxygen Concentrator Bank (OCB), and have set up 200 oxygen concentrator banks in every district of Delhi.”

Kejriwal said: “If patients under home isolation require oxygen, our team will ensure the oxygen concentrator reaches their home within two hours. A technician will also accompany the team who will explain to the family members how to use the oxygen concentrator. Apart from this, several people in recovery too are advised to take oxygen at home for a few days. For such people too, oxygen concentrators will be provided from the Oxygen Concentrator Banks.”

Kejriwal said: “Our doctors will stay in touch with all those who are being given oxygen concentrators. If the need arises to send them to a hospital, it will be taken care of and when they recover, the oxygen concentrators will be taken back from them, sanitized, and given to another patient for use. If a COVID patient isn’t enrolled for home isolation, they may dial 1031 to be thus enrolled, and avail oxygen concentrators. However, our team of doctors will first ensure whether the person needs an oxygen concentrator or not. Post their affirmation, the oxygen concentrator will be delivered to patients’ homes.”

Kejriwal further said: “OLA Foundation and Give India are helping us deliver oxygen concentrators to every house. We are very grateful for their support. We can overcome this enormous epidemic only if we are together. This is not possible if we are alone.”