Video: 4 things which lead to terrible traffic jam in Batla House giving commuters the jitters

4 things which lead to terrible traffic jam in Batla House giving commuters the jitters

It takes me around 20 minutes to reach Jamia Millia Islamia from my office in Noida via DND flyway at evening, and then the nightmare starts and it takes another 20 minutes to reach my home in Batla House, writes Malik Ghufran Rumi.

This tells about the pathetic situation of traffic at Jamia Nagar. And surprisingly we have become used to it. It not only kills our time but also hurts the daily commuters financially as this chaotic jam leads to wastage of fuel (even more when petrol is costing more than Rs 100/litre) and excessive wear and tear of clutch and engine.

This situation is turning from bad to worse. The main reasons for this traffic problem are known to all but our minds have been conditioned to get used to these issues, and our representatives don’t seem to have any concrete plan.

Driving wrong side is one of the main reasons for slowing down of traffic and jams

One of my friends Faizan while discussing this problem said: “We were always told by our elders that as good citizens and good humans we must choose the right path in our lives – when it comes to take moral decisions (halal / haram in earning etc.). I think we must tell our kids to choose the right path also while driving.”

Illegal parking on roads is causing a big problem in smooth flow of traffic
“How can you expect free movement of traffic when nearly half of the road is blocked by illegally parked vehicles?” said Javed, one of the residents who faces traffic snarls daily and spent hours in it.

“I have started parking my car at SDMC parking in Julaina. I am paying Rs 2,000 per month for parking even after having ample parking space in my home only because it is not possible to drive in Batla House,” he said.

Encroachment by shopkeepers
They display their products on the road and the buyers park their vehicles in front of their shops. Parvez, a resident of Batla House, said: “It is impossible to drive a car near Khalilullah Masjid (Batla House) in the evening when I return from office as customers throng the shops and park their scooters and bikes in a haphazard way on both sides. The road is not so wide and my car is dented and scratched due to this encroachment.”

Lack of civic sense
This is the mother of all problems. We must imbibe civic sense among our children. People have started migrating out from Jamia Nagar to better places due to the problem that people here lack civic sense and furthermore people are getting used to living such a life.