Okhla Covid Helpline 9971736222 floated by Dr Aqsa now live

Okhla Covid Helpline 9971736222 floated by Dr Aqsa now live

Okhla Covid Helpline 9971736222 is now live and attending to hundreds of patients call every day, wrote Dr Aqsa Shaikh on her timeline a few minutes ago.

Dr Aqsa, who is the brain behind this project, wrote: “Our Okhla Covid Helpline is now live and we are taking your calls. Drop a WhatsApp message with your name on 9971736222 or simply call this number.

“A doctor will call you back in 1 hour and provide prescription if needed. Get information on chemist shops, available beds, testing sites and more!

“This free service is brought to you Meezaan Charitable Clinic, an initiative of Human Solidarity Foundation. HSF is a registered Non-profit organization working towards ending hunger and securing health.”

In another Facebook post, she wrote: “We need more volunteers to answer calls and more MBBS doctors to do teleconsultation of patients. If you are interested please sign up. Volunteers for call answering: https://forms.gle/45FK1wbCfNcy7tVZ9. Doctors for teleconsultation: https://forms.gle/DWFuJmppuZB2VxFx5.”

In another post, she wrote: “A lot of people are calling me and messaging me personally to get advice on Covid. Unfortunately, I am unable to answer all calls or reply to messages.

“I wish I could clone myself multiple times. But that’s not possible. This is why we have built this Team and System. We have answered hundreds of calls through this so far through our dedicated team of volunteers and doctors. So if you need to speak to a doctor and get advice. Please do on this number. Our response time is currently less than 15 minutes. Okhla Covid Helpline: 9971736222.”