A quiet spot to reconnect with nature in this concrete jungle

A quiet spot to reconnect with nature in this concrete jungle

Years ago Jamia Nagar was full of greenery with majority of the area used for growing roses, guavas and different fruits and water bodies everywhere, according to residents who came to settle in the locality before 1982. They said there was greenery everywhere but slowly people from different parts of India started coming to reside in the area. And with Jamia Millia Islamia nearby, the area grew fast so much that the unbridled growth turned it into a concrete jungle.

Residents lamented that there is no open place for children to play, women and elderly to walk and exercise. However, all is not lost a small patch of land in the middle of Abul Fazal Enclave has turned out to be quiet spot for many to reconnect with nature.

The Jamaat-E-Islami (Hind) headquarters in Dawat Nagar in Abul Fazal Enclave is the only place in AFE where residents can walk and get closure to the nature as the religious organisation has increased green patches in its area over the years.

A resident, who is a regular at the JIH campus, said since the trees have grown you can see various birds making this particular area their home. “And as sunset one can hear the chirping of birds giving an impression as if you are in a village, but once you go out of the area you relaise that it is a concrete jungle,” said the resident requesting anonymity.

This is a place where you can find winged guests, sparrows, pigeons, crows, eagles, and more breeds of birds as the area is close to Okhla Bird Sanctuary also, he siad.