As winged guests flock Jamia during lockdown, Mohsin capturing wow moments through lens

As winged guests flock Jamia during lockdown, Mohsin capturing wow moments through lens

Iconic Jamia Millia Islamia has an old tradition of taking care of not only deprived human beings but also animals.


The case in point is Jamia’s new move to document new winged guests who are arriving on the campus in good numbers at a time when the university is wearing deserted look due to coronavirus lockdown with students at homes, said a source.

To capture the moment, Jamia is taking help from it’s alumnus Javed Mohsin, who resides in Jamia Nagar with his father journalist Javed Akhtar.

Yough Mohsin, who completed his Polytechnic in Engineering from Jamia very recently, is busy these days capturing the birds so that a documentary on arrival of winged guests in Jamia could be made, said Mohsin’s father Javed – a journalist with a German publication.

“Mohsin loves photography and has also won prestigious awards. As these days he is free due to lockdown he is involved in photography at his university after being requested to do so from the authorities and we are all happy with it,” Javed told OT over phone.

Jamia Vice Chancellor Najma Akhtar said Jamia has green campus which provides oxygen to its neighbourhood and since the lockdown several birds have made the campus their home and hence we don’t want to miss this opportunity to document their arrival.

Care for stray dogs, cats, pigeons and squirrels is in the culture of Jamia with kind hearted students and guards making sure that these animals are not starved and harmed, said an alumnus.

A few years ago Jamia had started taking care of stray dogs, said a student, adding that if you visit FTK CIT Centre for Information Technology at Jamia then you will find pigeons all around and nobody disturbs their habitat.

photo copyright Mohsin