‘Delhi gets 6 new Mobile Forensic Crime Scene Unit’

‘Delhi gets 6 new Mobile Forensic Crime Scene Unit’

Home Minister of Delhi Satyendar Jain on Thursday said the Delhi government has come up with six new Mobile Forensic Crime Scene Unit to facilitate the process of collection and examination of the evidence. He said that the Delhi government has established these units across the Capital. Jain said that the Delhi government will ensure that these units run 24×7 to ease the timely collection of evidence.

Addressing the event, Jain said: “Six new Mobile Forensic Crime Scene Units are made to facilitate the easy and timely collection, handling and examination of evidence. These units have been deployed in various parts of Delhi. These units would work at 24×7 at various regions in Delhi.”

Jain also said: “The Delhi government is also aware of the fact that in cases of atrocities against the woman the DNA samples used to take more than 4-5 years to get detected but now with the improved infrastructure the results are coming in 1-2 months only.”

These six new units have been constructed in the Eastern Range to cover North East, Shahdara, East districts; Western Range to cover Dwarka and West districts; Central Range to cover Central and North districts; New Delhi Range at Delhi Cant to cover New Delhi and South-West districts; Southern Range to cover South West, South and South East districts; and Northern Range at FSL, Rohini -14 itself to cover Rohini, Outer North, North West districts, Railways, Metro, Crime Branch, Anti Corruption, Spl. Branch, Vigilance and  Others.

Deepa Verma, Director of Forensic Science Laboratory informed that laboratory has recruited scientific staff for the Crime Scene Management Division to constitute Mobile Forensic Crime Scene Units for further deployment at range locations. Senior officers of the laboratory are assigned to review the reports, supervise their working and to lead these units.

Delhi government is committed to delivering the highest quality forensic reports to assist the criminal justice system to enhance public satisfaction and meet their expectations through the well-defined quality system, world-class professionals and state-of-the-art technology, he said.