Media Literacy is a global challenge: Tessa Jolls

Media Literacy is a global challenge: Tessa Jolls

Media Literacy is not a regional or a national phenomenon, it is a global challenge and a basic human right. Tessa Jolls, President and CEO, Center for Media Literacy, California, USA, expressed the view while delivering an online lecture on “Media Literacy: A Mandatory Human Right” on March 26.

The Instructional Media Centre, Maulana Azad National Urdu University organized their 3rd MANUU Knowledge Series Lecture.

Speaking as the Chief Guest, she delivered an enthralling and enlightening lecture disseminating the various aspects of Media Literacy. Prof. S.M. Rahmatullah, Vice Chancellor I/c, presided over the lecture.

Jolls explained the importance of media Literacy by giving example of how a simple automobile is now a Data Mining machine and added that if the product is free, the consumer is the product. The subject like “Media Literacy: A Basic Human Right” is of utmost importance, she concluded.

Prof. S.M. Rahmatullah in his presidential address explained about the power of Knowledge. He congratulated IMC in its efforts in getting MANUU fraternity with global exposure by organizing lectures of such important figures like Tessa Jolls. He appreciated the guest speaker for categorically explaining the importance of understanding media literacy in a better way.

Prof. Siddiqui Mohammed Mahmood, Registrar I/c, in his address said that evolution is key in the overall cognitive development of human beings as a species in which Media Literacy plays a crucial role.

Rizwan Ahamd, Director, Centre in his welcome address said that in digital world which is rapidly redefining the principles of media, it is essential to understand the importance of media literacy and how it can be used to make or break the cognitive development of the human species.

Omar Azmi, Co-ordinator & Producer conducted the programme and Mohd Imtiyaz Alam, Research Officer, IMC proposed vote of thanks. The programme was broadcasted live on the IMC-MANUU Youtube channel.