Lockdown extended, 6,500 cases in 24 hrs: Kejriwal; 337 deaths

Lockdown extended, 6,500 cases in 24 hrs: Kejriwal; 337 deaths

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday said the Delhi Government has decided to extend the lockdown for another week till next Monday 24 May.


He said the number of Covid cases is decreasing in Delhi and recovery has increased but we do not want to lose this gain, therefore, lockdown is extended.

He said in the past 24 hours, Delhi has reported around 6,500 cases and the positivity rate has come down to 10 per cent from 11 per cent.

Kejriwal visited GTB hospital to review the ongoing work and video calling facility for the Covid patients with their family members.

Kejriwal said: “Since the time the coronavirus started, the GTB hospital has been working on the forefront to provide services to the people, providing them treatment. Yesterday I received some complaints that the video calling facility, that if some patient wants to talk to their relatives, we have understood that if the patient gets psychological and mental strength, then their recovery is faster.

“On one hand, the relatives are under great stress as to what is happening with the patient, the patient too wants to talk to the relatives. So there were some services that we had started and some obstructions were faced. I had received some complaints regarding that and now that has been resolved. Right now I talked to some of the patients and whatever problems were being faced, have now been solved. All doctors and nurses are working on this.”

He said: “Secondly, the lockdown that was imposed till tomorrow morning till 5 am, keeping that in mind, the recovery rate in Delhi was improving. The coronavirus is also rapidly declining, but the gains we have made in the past few days, we don’t want to lose them. So we are going to extend the lockdown for another week. Rather than tomorrow, 5 am, the lockdown in Delhi is being extended till Monday, next week 24 May, 5 am. In the past 24 hours around 6,500 cases have come up, but the positivity rate has gone down by another 1 per cent.

The positivity rate has come down to 10 per cent which was 11 per cent yesterday. 6,500 cases have come emerged.

He added: “I hope in the next week, there will be greater recovery. As far as I can understand, Delhi is slowly coming back on track. The lockdown is to continue as it is, no concessions will be given. Regarding Covaxin and Covishield, we have written both to the Central Government and the two companies to provide us with the vaccine, but there is no indication of the vaccine being given to us. For the black fungus, the Delhi Government will take all the steps and all the precautions necessary regarding the same.”