Watch: Library on rent operating from Mushawarat on verge of closure, can you adopt it?

Watch: Library on rent operating from Mushawarat on verge of closure, can you adopt it?

A library operating from Mushawarat headquarters in Okhla’s Abul Fazal Enclave is on the verge of closure, can you adopt it? Students came to know about it after a notice was pasted announcing its closure a few days ago.

It is important to point out that the library is not run by Mushawarat but was being operational by a third party on rent from its building for the last 15 years.

Library on rent not run by Mushawarat

A Mushawarat official told the OT that the organisation has nothing to do with the library as it was being run all these years by a third party on rent. According to sources, the library was started in the Abul Fazal Encalve-Mushawarat building by a Patna-based trust whose head based in the US did so some fifteen years ago.

The library was backed by India born US citizen Khursheed Mallick, a philanthropist, said the source. Dr Mallick, a Chicago based urologist and philanthropist, has been running not just this center but similar centers in other cities including Patna, Muzaffarpur and Aligarh.

The centre was launched by Okhla-based activist Syed Ubaidur Rahman. “Initially we started English and computer courses for students. It ran for seven years until I was associated with the centre. However, I left and then it was just turned into a library. It was my idea and backed by the Trust. Actually Dr Mallick has educational advancement of the community’s youth very close to his heart,” said Rahman.

Rs 40K per month cost to run library

But due to some reason, the trust decided to close the library a month ago and has even stopped paying Rs 20 thousand rent to the Mushawarat.

Sources said every moth Rs 40,000 was being paid by the trust for the upkeep of library in Mushawarat building (Rs 20K rent, Rs 15K to library supervisor and 5K on other expenditures including electricity.)

Mushawarat notice

An official said when the issue was brought to them, the Mushawarat decided to give an extension to the library until August 2021.

“Mushawarat has taken notice of the closure of the Learning Centre by the officials of the Centre. It has decided to extend the facility for the students for one more month on experimental basis. The Learning Centre would be open for the month of August 2021 and will be supervised by Shahab as usual. Kindly contact Shahab for any further clarification,” said the notice pasted on the library door.

A few students, who were regular at the library, said it was an opportunity for them to prepare for competitive exams and certainly the closure will hurt them. Many have moved looking for other places, said a source, adding that it would be great if the library continues.

After the OT ran a video report, a few people came forward to enquire about how to support the library. When the OT contacted the official to find out how the library could be saved, one member said interested people should contact the officials and discuss the issue.

Confusion still prevails as the library was on rent and whether how it could stay afloat.