Kejriwal vows to give pulse oximeters to corona patients under home isolation

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday said the Delhi government is going to provide pulse oxymeters to corona patients recovering under home isolation.

He said every district will have oxygen concentrators, Delhi will have a helpline and the team will come to the homes of the recovering patients to provide you oxygen.

Kejriwal said: “All the people with very mild symptoms or who are asymptomatic, are treated at their homes. Our team assists them with daily calls and advises them on what to do on a daily basis.

“The only issue that corona is that the patient may experience a shortage of breath and his/her oxygen level may fall down. In that case, lives will be saved if the patients are given oxygen support in time.

“Delhi government will provide oxy-pulse meter to all the patients who are recovering under home isolation. The patients can use them in their period of recovery and can return to the government after they have fully recovered. If you are in home isolation and recovering from corona, you may check your oxygen levels at home in every one-two hours, and if your oxygen level is low, you can call on a number provided by us.

“Every district will have a concentrator, and the team will carry the concentrator to you to regulate your oxygen levels. You will also be immediately shifted to the hospital if required.”

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