Meet Jamia Teachers Association’s new post bearers

Meet Jamia Teachers Associations’s new post bearers

Old lobby wins Jamia Teachers’ Association election held on the campus on Thursday with Dr Saiqa Akram becoming a new entrant to the JTA.

She won the post of joint secretary with more than 40 votes. Prof Majid Jameel, who was secretary in the last JTA, contested for president post this time around and sailed through comfortably. He beat his nearest rival Prof SAM Rizvi with more than 100 votes, said university sources.

Irfan Qureshi won by 22 votes against his rival Prof Musheer for secretary post.

Nafis Ahmad is the new vice president. He got 294 votes, Veermani 127, and Manaullah 73.

Elected EC members out of 13 candidates are Dr Rajan, Dr Shikha, Dr Mohsin, Saleem, Dr Ashraf Ilyan, Dr Simee Mutaza, Dr Qazi Mohd Usmaan
and Dr Iqbal.