Residents pooled money & covered open manhole, but robbers stole metal, now all eyes on Councillor or activists doing live

Residents pool money to get open manhole fixed, but robbers flee with metal, now all eyes on Councillor or activists doing FB live

Jamia Nagar is in bad shape with broken roads, piled-up garbage and some open manholes but there is no dearth of activists who make tall claims in the virtual world and spend lakh on posters but do little work on the ground, according to Okhla watchers.


The least talked about representatives is better, they said.

And when the election is coming near, many such Facebookya activists nursing political ambition mushroom making tall claims in the virtual world and trying to take credit of even things which are yet to begin, they said, adding that a large number of them have done little all these years to bring changes in the locality or help residents fix things. In such a situation it is the people who try to get things fixed.

A few months ago, when a slab on the smallish nallah on i-18 block I Abul Fazal Encalve was broken some residents collected money to get things fixed. Everyone was happy that the ordeal was over but one morning they saw the metal slab gone. The robbers took it away, said a resident of I block. He said now we are tired of getting it repaired. It was only a month ago when it was made as we had gone to people asking for money but the robbers took it away, he said.

Now, with all chance exhausted, a resident said all eyes are on the local Councillor and we hope that it will be fixed soon. Another resident said for the last month many people have fallen and got hurt due to the open manhole.

Everyday there are three or four cases of people falling, he said. It would have been great if those who have been doing Facebook live as election is coming near come forward and get things fixed, said one Okhla watcher.