More ICU beds for better treatment of critical patients, fewer deaths: Govt

More ICU beds for better treatment of critical patients, fewer deaths: Govt

CM Arvind Kejriwal and Dy CM Manish Sisodia on Monday visited the Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital to review the preparedness of the hospital to treat the COVID patients . As the city observes a steady increase in the number of Corona cases, the Delhi govt has ramped up the installation of ICU beds in RGSS hospital from 45 to 200, and in LNJP hospital from 60 to 180, which are both COVID dedicated hospitals in Delhi. Kejriwal said more ICU beds will ensure higher treatment of critical patients and fewer deaths in the city.

Briefing the media following the visit, Kejriwal said: “Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital is playing an important role in our fight against Corona. The LNJP Hospital of the Delhi govt was the first hospital in the city which was declared a COVID Hospital, and then RGSS Hospital was declared a COVID hospital. Since then, the paramedic staff, doctors, and nurses are serving the people of Delhi day and night. Nobody showed any hesitation. Everyone is scared and cautious of Coronavirus. But the paramedic staff, doctors, and nurses at RGSS hospital have done a selfless job by treating Corona patients tirelessly.”

Kejriwal said until now, 1000 patients have recovered and returned to their homes from this hospital. “We are very happy with how RGSS is working for the patients. Till a few days back, there were 45 ICU beds in this hospital. We are treating Corona patients with mild symptoms or asymptomatic patients at their homes only through home isolation. We have sent oximeters at their homes, and doctors are in regular conversation with them and these patients are satisfied. Just in case a patient gets serious, he/she can get admitted to the hospital. We might need more ICU beds.”

Kejriwal said there are 5100 patients currently admitted to the hospitals, and around 10000 beds remain vacant. “But we might need ICU beds in the coming days. We currently have 1900 ICU beds out of which 750 beds are vacant, but we are increasing the current capacity of the ICU beds so that if there is a sudden spike in the number of cases, we are prepared with enough beds. If the number of ICU beds is insufficient, it may lead to a higher death rate,” he added.

“I am happy that the RGSS hospital accepted the challenge and till a few days back, there were 45 ICU beds here, which have now been increased to 200. These ICU beds were increased in a limited time frame and limited capacity. We have also told the doctors to increase the number of beds to 500, and they will receive full support from the government in this initiative,” added the CM.

Kejriwal said similarly there were only 60 ICU beds in the LNJP hospital, which have been increased to 180 beds until yesterday. In the coming days, the number of beds will be increased in all Delhi govt hospitals for the better treatment of the people.

Kejriwal also said various facilities such as video-conferencing have been launched in RGSS hospitals. He said: “Corona patients admitted to their hospitals cannot meet their relatives. We have arranged for tablets here, through which the family members of the patients can meet them and talk to them through video-conferencing. When the family members of the patients talk to them, they feel satisfied. Another facility is the installation of a bell at the nursing station so that when a patient rings the bell, he/she can talk to the nurses also when they need something. Many such facilities have been arranged here. I want to congratulate the doctors, nurses, and authorities, for serving the people in this pandemic.”