Okhla diary: Honesty still alive! This story will warm your heart

Okhla diary: Honesty still alive! This story will warm your heart

The traffic was moving as usual on Wednesday afternoon at 1:29 pm on Abul Fazal Enclave-Kalindi Kunj road until a sudden woman passenger shriek on an e-rickshaw grabbed passengers attention.

After the woman shouted: Where is the mobile? the e-rickshaw driver stopped the vehicle by taking right and in the process the vehicles coming from back came to a screeching halt, a minor mistake could have caused accident as a biker passing by uttered expletives, berating the driver for taking to right suddenly.

After the vehicles stopped the story unfolded when the woman scolded her husband for dropping the mobile. The woman, who was travelling with her two kids and husband, was despondent over losing the mobile. It was then that the e-rickshaw driver started moving again that suddenly an auto driver overtook the e-rickshaw and stopped in front.

The autowallah came out of the driving seat and handed over the mobile phone to the woman. She thanked the autowallah who said he picked the mobile when it was seen on the road and said as he saw it slipping from the passenger’s pocket on the e-rickshaw he chased it and handed over Rs 12,000 mobile to the owner.

Heaving a sigh of relief, the woman said we are lucky to get the mobile as my son was doing his online classes from it. The husband and wife praised the autowallah in absence for his honesty.

And as the e-rickshaw started moving passengers sitting on the back seats were sharing stories of how many people in the locality were lucky enough to get their lost mobile. They said honesty is still alive.

The mobile owner was heard talking that he also once found a mobile in Zakir Nagar and after a day handed over to the owner by making a call which he found on the mobile.

However, all are not so lucky!!!

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