Is relocation of high tension wire feasible?

Is relocation of high tension wire feasible?

For years the debate has raged in Okhla over whether is it possible to relocate high tension wire? The issue mostly raises its head when some incident takes place. Fortunately, no such incident of accident has been reported till very recently.

However, many residents very strongly believe that its relocation is good for the locality.

Mohd Inaam one wrote: “Relocate high tension wire. If it can be done for Metro, why it cannot be done for the colony?” Years ago a high tension wire was relocated to a new place at Okhla Head.

Years ago a few deaths have been reported due to freak accident related with high tension wire, said residents.

In Jamia Nagar, several houses are illegally built under high tension wire, said residents, adding that from time to time then get notice too.

A few years ago the buzz in the locality was that high tension wires would be moved to Yamuna but nothing like this has happened till now, said another resident.

Despite violators being issued multiple notices there is no stop in construction work on land under high tension wire. As the houses are sold are cheap many residents don’t care for their safety and buy the house, said a resident.

A netizen wrote: “People are putting their lives at risk for a few bucks. People should have the sense to understand that money is not everything.”