Aseem Asha Foundation celebrates Diwali

Aseem Asha Foundation celebrates Diwali

Indeed, this Diwali is very special in terms of occasions and circumstances as it’s an amalgamation of Children’s Day and the auspicious festival of lights “Deepmalika”, writes Aseem Asha.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic the colour of festivals were bleached hence, in order to brighten the colour of happiness and enjoy the spirit of cultural diversity Aseem Asha Foundation celebrated this festival under the programme Sama (Festival Celebrations) at its Okhla Community Development Center taking all the necessary measures to contain the spread of COVID 19.

Aseem Asha Foundaion


Volunteers of the foundation decorated the center with artistic handmade wall papers, Lucknow styled Jhoomar (chandelier) and Shamas (Indian classical lights), putting up a photo gallery by community amateur photographers from programme Sanshrey (Community Media Initiative).

The students of M Yaseen Community Visual Art project of Aseem Asha had decorated the columns of the room with traditional Jaipur style designs, Kashmiri carpets and delicately decorated diyas were put up to welcome the guests including the head of cultural committee, SKV, Noor Nagar. The entire ambience of the center was oozing the bliss of cultural diversity.

Founding Director Aseem Asha Usman had addressed the gathering of 20 people and briefed them about Foundation’s programmes, campaigns, focus areas and achievements followed by a transitory discussion on future plans and strategies to expand the ventures.

Towards the end of first part of Diwali celebration the lunch was served to the attendees that was cooked in Inaayat (Community Kitchen) of Aseem Asha by community ladies while taking care of all the healthy and nutritious needs.

Food packets were also distributed to some of the members who could not join the celebration due to some reason that’s how we could expand our “Dastarkhan” to more than 30 community beneficiaries. As part of the second phase of the festival Aseem Asha had organized dinner for Old Age Home also known as “Shanti Ashram” at Jaosla Village. They enjoyed the feast and blessed all the members of foundation with their pious prayers. This Diwali enlightened the heart and soul of many people that become and embodiment of peace, love, brotherhood and harmony.