Ghaffar Manzil park: What went wrong? After 30 years park turned lush green in 2019, it’s barren again

What went wrong with Ghaffar Manzil park? After 30 years park turned lush green in 2019, it is again barren

All over the world there are campaigns going on to turn barren land green to make residents’ lungs healthier. But, unfortunately in Okhla the opposite has happened.

The case in point is the Ghaffar Manzil park, which in 2019 was turned green with some hard work put in by local councillor Neetu Manish Choudhary, local women group and some green lovers.

However, over a few months time the green patch start decreasing due to lack of care to grass put in there and currently in 2021 the park is barren once again with only dust and sand in the air.

The miracle which was achieved after 30 years is no more, which is really shocking for many woman residents for whom it was an open place to get some fresh air under the green patches.  So sad!!!

The report will be incomplete without mentioning the fact that in February 2019 when this barren park turned green it grabbed national headlines.

Then the OT was the first to ran an exclusive story based on interviews of the local councillor Neetu, leader Manish Choudhary and two woman activists of Ghaffar Manzil who ran several campaigns in the locality making locals realise the importance of green lungs in the locality.

Though their dream was fulfilled with residents delighted with the greenery in the park and many talked in Okhla about it as a role model, but they had no idea that it was so short lived.

A green activist requesting not to be quoted said the residents don’t know what they have lost.