Watch: Residents turn up to clean AFE garbage, say cleanliness half of faith

Watch: Many turn up to clean AFE garbage ‘mountain’, say cleanliness half of faith

Okhla-headquartered Society for Bright Future started Har Qadam Sawachhta ki Or from Abul Fazal Enclave with several local NGOs. The “cleanliness movement” started at 10:30 am on Saturday at a garbage dump area in front of a school and a hospital.

Several of workers and NGOs’ representatives, including women and girls, turned up at the spot.

“The reason of this cleanliness movement was to keep neighborhood clean. Through this initiative SBF discovered that there is an urgent need to make a proper area for garbage dump. As particular area for garbage dump is not available, people litter their home/garbage waste or domestic refuse on the road causing difficulties to commuters, patients and students,” said the SBF representative.

“As the garbage is diffused on the road and cover almost half of it, due to mix garbage for instance waste, plastic waste (polybags, plastic toys, water bottles which can’t be disposed properly),” it said.

SBF effort is to spread the idea of cleanliness, as cleanliness is half of faith.

“Representatives should be more responsible about cleanliness and should make a garbage dump area as soon as possible,” said director of Al-Shifa hospital Colonel Safdar Zafar.
“Everybody must join SBF in this cleanliness movement,” said local activist Tanveer Jahan of Help Charitable Trust.