Fix foul smelling compost plant in 10 days or shut down: Kejriwal to NDMC officials

Fix foul smelling compost plant in 10 days or shut down: Kejriwal to NDMC officials

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal visited his constituency of New Delhi today, and directed the NDMC officials to immediately address the problems of the residents of the area. Kejriwal also paid a visit to the NDMC compost plant set up in Sector-4 of the Gol market area, where the residents complained of foul smell from the compost plant and that they were disturbed by mosquitoes and flies.

Kejriwal assured local people of speedy disposal of the problem. The Chief Minister has given a deadline of 10 days to the NDMC officials to ensure cleanliness in the area and said that if the problem is not addressed by 20th August, the plant will be shut down.

After visiting his New Delhi assembly constituency, Kejriwal tweeted: “Today visited the Gol market area in New Delhi assembly constituency. Orders officers to take immediate action on the problems of the local residents.”

A year back, the NDMC had set-up a compost plant in the nursery behind Bharti Public School. In this plant, wet garbage is brought and compost manure is made from it, which is later used for plants. Residents from 39 to 69 in Sector-4 in Gol Market are the most affected by the stench. At the same time, the plant has also increased the incidence of flies and mosquitoes. There have been several complaints about the plant to the authorities, but no action has been taken yet.

The locals informed Kejriwal about the problem today. Kejriwal took immediate notice of the problem and has given a timeline till 20th August to the NDMC officials to ensure the elimination of the stench, or else the plant will have to be shut down.

In another program held in Sector-4 of Gol Market, Kejriwal planted a medicinal sapling in a park and heard the problems of all RWAs members in the area. RWAs brought up a problem of scarcity of drinking water, power cuts, and no pruning of trees. The Chief Minister has directed the concerned authorities to expedite work on resolving all the issues of the residents.

Speaking to media after the visit, Kejriwal said: “NDMC officials have sought 10 days (till 20th August). It would be okay if the steps taken by the officials solve the issue of the foul smell, otherwise, the plant will be shut down. I am inspecting the area with residents. The local people have pointed out many other problems including cleanliness. I have ordered the officers of the NDMC to resolve the issues.”