Fact check: Truth behind Batla House’s viral photo of this hijab-clad woman (watch)

Fact check: Truth behind Batla House’s viral photo of this hijab-clad woman (watch)

If you reside in Okhla or are connected with this locality then certainly you have come across a photo of a hijab-clad woman sitting in front of a mosque selling items.

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For many netizens the photo has gone viral with some even making appeal for collecting funds for the woman, according to a social media post. After coming about the photo, the OT team tracked the origin of the photo and reached the woman on Saturday to get the story straight from the horse’s mouth.

The OT reached Islah Masjid and after interacting with residents it was known that the woman turns up outside the mosque after maghrib prayer. She was seen selling woolen stuff with some residents purchasing from her.

She told the OT that after accident her husband, 50, is not in a position to work and hence she has decided to start small business to support her frail husband and four children, including two sons.

She said she has mortgaged her land to start her business with a small amount.

A few residents who were returning after offering namaaz said she has been visiting the place for business purpose for the last few months and stays at the mosque steps from 5 pm to 9:30 pm in hope of raising some money by selling items.