Eateries open doors to food lovers with some curbs

Eateries open doors to food lovers with some curbs

Shut for close to two months due to Covid-induced lockdown, eateries opened their doors to food lovers in Okhla. The restaurants, however, will be allowed to reopen for one week on a trial basis from Monday till June 21. Right now they will only function at 50 per cent capacity.


Most roadside eateries, which had sustained loss during the lockdown, opened but some restaurant owners in Okhla said they are waiting for things to settle down. Owner of one restaurant, who only before the lockdown had invested lakhs in opening his brand in the locality, told the OT over phone that they will open in two days and follow all Covid rules to make sure that everybody is safe.

The lockdown had led to loss with one eatery, which before the arrival of second wave, had planned to open a new branch but the virus poured cold waters on their plan as the eatery had to be closed with cases increasing.

There are many such cases in the locality where businessmen faced hardship due to closure. One eatery owner said during the lockdown it was hard to pay Rs 50,000 rent of two small shops and house. However, many are hopeful that with the situation improve they will be able to make for the loss in coming years.

The decision to unlock Delhi was taken after coronavirus cases started declining. It was on April 19 when the Delhi government imposed a lockdown in the city at the peak of the second wave of Covid-19. The lockdown was extended a few times.

The DDMA’s order said the restaurant owners “shall be responsible for strict adherence to the prescribed SOP and all instructions, guidelines” such as wearing of masks, maintaining social distancing and use of sanitiser.