Will Okhla’ struggle to breathe fresh air end? Long term action plan mooted to control dust pollution

Long term action plan mooted to control dust pollution: Will Okhla breathe fresh air?

Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai today held a review meeting with the officials of the environment department and Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) to curb pollution levels in Delhi.

Rai said that a seven-member committee has been constituted, and to ensure that the Kejriwal government is going to formulate a long-term action plan to control dust pollution.

On March 4, a round table conference will be held to consult experts and various organizations will be consulted to formulate an action plan for how to implement the anti-pollution campaign from March to September.

Rai said that direct action will now be taken against the officials who are negligent in the timely disposal of complaints of pollution in the green-war room. He said that a close monitoring team has been set up to monitor the Smog Tower project being set up at Connaught Place, which will be completed by June. PWD and MCD have been instructed to expedite water spraying to reduce the current pollution in Delhi.

Rai held a high-level meeting with the officials of the Environment Department and Delhi Pollution Control Committee today to curb the increasing environmental pollution in Delhi.

Rai said that the officers of the department have been instructed to prepare action plans and also to work on a long-term policy to keep environmental pollution in check.

Rai said: “We have ordered the MCD and PWD to increase the number of anti-smog guns and sprinkling tankers to prevent dust particles. The monitoring of the Green-War room needs to be strengthened and if the concerned complaint is not disposed off within the stipulated deadline, action will be taken against the concerned authorities.”

The environment minister called for setting up a 7 member committee to prepare an action plan to check pollution from dust particles in the air. “The members of the Delhi Pollution Control Committee, I.I.T., and members of the DMRC and other concerned departments related to construction are a part of the committee. Based on the suggestions of the Committee, the Government is going to prepare a long-term action plan to curb pollution from dust particles,” he added.

He said: “From October to February, there are several activities that people think about pollution and also cooperate in the decisions taken by the Government. On 4th March, a meeting will be held in the Delhi Secretariat with various environment-related organizations and voluntary institutions, environmental experts, and concerned officials and the government will work seriously throughout the year by preparing an action plan on the suggestions that come up in this meeting.”

Rai said that the smog tower which is being constructed at Connaught Place will be ready by June. “A committee has been constituted to complete and monitor the construction work within the stipulated time,” he added.

He said: “The problem of stubble burning is one of the root causes of pollution in Delhi, along with the internal sources of pollution. As we had successfully used a bio-decomposer technique to deal with stubble burning and the entire report was submitted to the Commission constituted by the Centre. Now, the Delhi government will endeavor to issue a guideline for its use to deal with the stubble burning, so that the technique can be implemented in the respective states since November.”

“An action plan will also be prepared on how to deal with pollution caused by thermal power plants around Delhi. We have taken several important steps such as anti-dust campaign, red light on, pollution off campaign, use of bio-composer, green-war room, Green Delhi app to deal with pollution in Delhi from November. Additionally, opinions will be taken from various experts for what we can do and then an action plan will be prepared and it will be implemented in Delhi throughout the year,” he added.