Parents have big role as co-teachers in virtual classroom: Dr Halima Sadia

Parents have big role as co-teachers in virtual classroom: Dr Halima Sadia

In the third talk of the Webinar on “Education, Leadership and Society in the Digital Age” organised by Volunteers of Change, Dr Halima Sadia presented her views and ideas on June 25 how parents can and should facilitate a virtual classroom as co-teachers.

At the outset she mentioned that there always have been role parents in educating their children at least in their tender age. However, the ongoing restrictions of the pandemic have only further enhanced this role, she said. The new situation requires preparedness and training of both formal teachers and parents to mutually cooperate in providing best possible learning opportunity to children.

She recalled her visit to the Future School of Australia, where the concept of remote or home schooling had come in operation quite before the present crisis. Therefore, it should be kept in view that online system of school education is not only a viable option in the present times but it will be a strong future alternative to formal schooling and this will require an increased role of parents in encouraging their children how best to use this emerging way of education, she remarked.

She enumerated certain roles of parents in this regard including counselling of children to get adapted to a new situation, arranging proper time, space and gadgets for learning, focusing on listening to their teachers, completing assignments, stressing on indoor physical exercises, etc. In case of small kids any of the parents should be available during the online class to remove any glitch that may come in communication.

Dr Sadia pointed out in the wake of emerging conflict between schools and parents, how the online system has over burdened teachers, and the parents need to appreciate their hard work in making the class successful.

Socialization of children is a big issue during the lockdown and children should be encouraged to have video calling with their friends and visits to nearby relatives and friends may be paid while observing Covid guidelines, she said.

In a school away from school, using body language during teaching is very important and teachers can use their posturing by proper training and innovative approach, Dr Halima Sadia pointed out in her response to a question.

The programme was moderated by Adv Ataullah Khan, VoC Prefect for NGO Affairs.