Pray for my dad Amanullah’s recovery who is on ventilator & not responding well, writes daughter as grandfather dies 5 days ago

Father dies 5 days ago, now as Jamia school teacher battles for life, daughter writes moving post: ‘Pray for my dad Amanullah’s recovery who is on ventilator

A moving post of Khansa Fahad is doing the rounds in which she has written: “Our father, Dr Amanullah Fahad, is on ventilator and he is not responding well. We are not able to communicate with you all since we are busy praying for him. We request you all to remember him in your prayers.”

Dr Amanaullah teaches Islamic studies at Jamia School and for days he is in Holy Family Hospital after testing positive and five days ago his father died, said Haris ul Haque, a Jamia teacher.

He told the OT over phone that Dr Amanullah, 50, resides in Jamia staff quarters with his family. Before, joining Jamia School, he was Urdu HOD at Hamdard Public School, said Faiz Illahi.

A reliable university source told the OT over phone that many faculty members of the university have been tested positive. A few days ago, the OT had reported about how history department Professor Rizwan Quaiser and his family are battling coronavirus.

Haris said his wife and sister-in-law are both hospitalized after testing Covid positive.