Dog-bite cases worry Okhla residents, no solution in sight

Dog-bite cases worry Okhla residents, no solution in sight

Aseem was cycling on his way to his house from gym a few days ago when he was attacked by a dog at Okhla Head where he was about to stop to drink fruit juice.

This is the not the only dog-bite case reported in the area. A resident said a day ago dog bit a woman customer who had turned up at a chemist shop with her children to buy medicines. The dog got aggressive and bit the woman, said the chemist shop owner in Abul Fazal Enclave, adding that he suggested the customer to rush to a government hospital for injections.

There are many incidents that go unreported with parents worried about their children who walk on the streets. Many residents complain that dogs are found in large number outside meat shops. Residents still recall the 2015 incident in which five stray dogs attacked and killed a 7-year-old in Noor Nagar.

“The boy tried to run but the dogs surrounded him. They grabbed the boy’s neck and dragged him to the heap of sand. They scratched Manon’s face with their claws. Manon’s friends told his parents about the incident but by the time they came to his rescue, it was too late. The boy fell unconscious but the dogs were biting him. His parents and other locals threw stones at the dog to chase them away and took the boy to the hospital. He died due to excessive bleeding within half an hour during treatment,” a senior police officer said, reported HT then.

Following several local leaders and aspiring leaders had flocked Noor Nagar with great ideas of transporting stray dogs to dog centres. Dog catching vehicles did arrive for days and then all was forgotten. And as cases are being reported, residents fear for their safety on the streets from the stray dogs.